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Hokie SPA

Hokie SPA is a tool for students, faculty, and staff that allows you to view academic, financial, and other pertinent information about your relationship with Virginia Tech.


You can also find your grades for previous semesters, class schedules, financial aid reports, and much more.


You can view information as it relates to class schedules; advising; and entering midterms, tentative, and final grades. You can also enter grade changes and create class listservs using Hokie SPA.


You can review your benefits and job information, including pay stubs and other payroll-related information, such as W2, W-4, VA-4, etc.

To find Hokie SPA, go to This logon page will welcome you to the "Virginia Tech Student, Faculty and Employee Information Gateway". It is important to log off of Hoke SPA using the Exit button in the upper right hand corner of the screen when you are finished and then close your browser. This terminates your active session and cuts off all access to your information until the next time you log on.

If you fail to log off of Hokie SPA, after fifteen minutes of inactivity, you will automatically be logged off. During that fifteen minute time period, however, your account and information wil be vulnerable to hackers.

The billing address in the "Hokie PLUS" section of Hokie SPA will only be used by Virginia Tech departments when they need to send you a bill. Setting up a billing address, however, is no guarantee that Virginia Tech bills will be sent there. According to the Registrar's Office, it is up to the department that is sending the bills to decide which address to use. This address is not used by any third party companies, such as Verizon, Adelphia, etc. For more information, contact the Registrar's Office at (540) 231-6252.

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