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PID Generation Tool Process

Your Virginia Tech PID is a unique Personal Identifier. Your PID belongs to you and you only. Your PID and password grant you access to your Virginia Tech email, Hokie SPA, My VT, the university library databases, and more.

Getting a PID


Important: Remember that your PID cannot be changed once created, and you may use your PID@vt.edu email address for job offers or other official communications where inappropriate or silly words or phrases may not be appropriate.

Once you have received your official acceptance from the Admissions office, you need to create your PID from the Generate Your PID page


  1. Your Banner HR representative must enter your information into the system. For further instructions, see Employee PID Generation.
  2. After your information is in Banner, you can create your own PID through the Generate Your PID page.


Alums who do not have a PID can establish one through the Generate Your PID page.

Special Cases

There are certain classes of individuals who are not in Banner, such as visiting scholars, ROTC personnel, and adjunct professors. These individuals cannot create their own PIDs, but their departments can request Sponsored PIDs on their behalf. The department will need to send a written request to Identity Management Services (IMS) using the Virginia Tech Sponsored PID Application Form. Sponsored PIDs need to be renewed yearly.

PID Passwords

Every PID has a password associated with it. Your password ensures that no one other than you accesses the network using your PID. Because your PID identifies you when you use the network, you should take care not to allow anyone else to know your password.

Changing Your PID Password

To increase the security of your account, change your PID password often.  For instructions, see Change PID Password.

PID passwords must meet certain security criteria.

Using Your PID

Your PID is your primary online account at Virginia Tech and is used by most online services. Here are a few of these services:

  • ScholarOnline learning and collaboration system
  • My VTPersonalized information gateway
  • Virginia Tech Information System (Hokie SPA, Hokie Team, Hokie PLUS, Faculty Access)These components allow you to manage various pieces of your Virginia Tech-related information such as your address, phone number, class schedule, etc.

PID Rules

Read and follow the rules and guidelines detailed in the Acceptable Use Policy. Most of these rules are common sense and they are taken seriously by the people in charge of the Virginia Tech network. Penalties for abuse of the rules laid down in the policy can run from warnings to expulsion from Virginia Tech, depending on the severity of the offense. Some examples of violations include, but are not limited to:

  • Degrading the network performance (such as sending out 10,000 email messages or starting a chain letter)
  • Using email to harass or threaten another person
  • Selling access to your ID or network services
  • Trying to break into someone else's account or steal someone's password
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