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The Outlook Web App (OWA or WebOutlook) is a Web-based interface to the Virginia Tech Exchange server. This access allows you to use your Exchange mailbox using a Web browser. WebOutlook is a great choice for people who are away from their office or for people using operating systems that don't have a native Exchange client (like some Linux systems). You can send and receive email, check your calendar, set up meetings, etc.

WebOutlook is only for accessing the Virginia Tech Exchange system. For VT Google Apps Mail account, follow the instructions at Checking or Viewing Your VT Google Apps Mail Email.

Browser Support

WebOutlook is compatible with the latest version of Internet Explorer, Chrome, and Firefox.  WebOutlook will also work in Safari, but may be limited to the Light mode of WebOutlook which does not have as many features as the full version of WebOutlook.

Recover Deleted Items via WebOutlook

The Recover Deleted Items tool that was previously only available in the full Outlook client is now also available in WebOutlook.  To recover email, contacts, or calendar items that were accidentally deleted, follow the instructions at Recover Deleted Items (RDI) for Exchange.

Deleted items will be recoverable for 14 days after they were first deleted; anything deleted within that timeframe can be recovered with the Recover Deleted Items tool.

Out of Office via WebOutlook

Out of Office (sometimes called away message or automatic reply or replies) settings can be changed via WebOutlook. For information on configuring your Out of Office settings, click the following link to search Bing: automatic replies WebOutlook.

Email Delivery Reports

If you want confirmation that an email you sent actually was sent, or you want to know more about an email that you were supposed to receive but don’t see it in your inbox, with Exchange 2013, you can find this information via the Email Delivery Reports tool built into WebOutlook. To view Email Delivery Reports, follow the instructions at Email Delivery Reports for Exchange.

WebOutlook and Mobile Devices

The Web interface for WebOutlook is full featured and is officially supported on all modern desktop Web browsers, but it might not render properly on some browsers on mobile devices such as smartphones, cell phones, and tablets.  When using a mobile device, you should access your Exchange account via the Activesync features built into iOS, Android, and Windows mobile devices.  For instructions on configuring or connecting your mobile device to the Exchange server, see  Configuring Desktop Client or Mobile Device to Connect to the Virginia Tech Exchange Server or the documentation provided by the manufacturer.

WebOutlook Themes

WebOutlook offers alternate visual themes.  To change the color of WebOutlook, under Settings, select Change theme.

WebOutlook Apps

WebOutlook provides a set of apps that you can enable for your Exchange account to add functionality to WebOutlook. The available apps are:

  • Bing Maps
  • My Templates
  • Suggested Meetings
  • Unsubscribe
  • Action Items

By default, these apps are disabled. To enable any of the apps, in WebOutlook, under Options, in the left menu select apps, then select the app, and then click the Enable link.

Log on to WebOutlook

  1. Go to the WebOutlook page.
  2. If prompted, log on with your Hokies ID (which is the same as your PID) and Hokies ID (Exchange) password. (If you have forgotten your password, follow the instructions at Forgot Hokies ID Password.)
  3. If you have previously enrolled in 2-factor authentication (2FA), follow the on-screen instructions to complete authentication with your second factor. (For more information and instructions on 2-factor, see the University 2-Factor Authentication Web site.)
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