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WebOutlook is a simple Web-based interface to the Virginia Tech Exchange server. This access allows you to use your Exchange mailbox using a Web browser. WebOutlook is a great choice for people who are away from their office or for people using operating systems that don't have a native Exchange client (like some Unix systems). You can send and receive email, check your calendar, set up meetings, access public folders, etc.

WebOutlook is for accessing Exchange only. If you need to check your VT Google Apps Mail account , use VT Google Apps Mail.


  • Exchange Mail Retention & Quotas - Deleted item retention for Exchange mail is 7 days. Additional storage is being configured.
  • There is no way to set up filters or rules from within WebOutlook.
  • If you are using Internet Explorer 11, before logging on, follow the directions for Using WebOutlook Full (OWA Premium) in Internet Explorer.

Start WebOutlook: Access the WebOutlook client here. Log on using your Hokies ID and password.

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